Grand Design Live 2017

This year Michael from Candor Electrical will be attending Grand Designs Live, as a meet the expert for Home Technology, representing CEDIA. If you wish to meet with Michael to discuss a project you have or you’re just generally interested in technology in the home, then you can book an appointment here


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Uplifting TV Solution

Here in sunny Pembrokeshire, we were tasked with providing a discreet solution for the installation of a 75 inch high definition TV in a sun room.

While the room is being used as a sunroom in the day time, at night with the press of a button, the room can change into a media room, full of rich colour and sound. Watch the latest movies or stream music throughout.

Also, the lighting in this room has been carefully included into the complete control of the room, with touch button user interfaces and universal touch screen remote controls and mobile APPs. The users have the power at their finger tips.