A Fibre Optic data infrastructure is not new technology, but with the ever changing data requirements within the home, it’s becoming the go to technology to somewhat future proof the end users requirements.

In the last couple of years Candor Electrical Ltd has invested in the training and hardware to allow us to install, terminate and test Fibre Data cabling all in house to our business. Our advanced fusion cable splicer can join Fibre cables together, terminate plugs on the cable ends and repair damaged cable.

Whether it be fault diagnosis or new installations, we can get your Fibre Data running.


  • Ease of installation with it’s small cable diameter.
  • High data throughput, for example 10gigabit per second.
  • No interference from mains electrical supplies or electrical appliances.
  • HDMI video signals can easily be distributed through Fibre cables, with no comprise on video or sound quality, lossless.
  • Secure, unlike traditional data infrastructures, it’s extremely difficult to intercept communications. Nobody can simply plug into a Fibre infrastructure.
  • Cable lifespan and durability is far superior than other traditional copper core cabling.

The cost of a Fibre installation can quite often provide far more value for money than a copper installation and allows for far greater runs. Kilometres oppose to metre.
Fibre splicing costs starts from £20 per Fibre splice. A type 100metre run of Fibre, including cable and splicing cost, would be from £250.

Please feel free to contact us with any kind of Fibre enquiry, our staff will only be too happy to help.